Lebanon Blast Relief

beirut lebanon explosion

 The Grand Master MW Brother Daniel Jap Lim  on learning of the horrific extent of damage in Beirut on 4 August 2020 caused by the blast asked the Lodges to vote for the grant of €4000,- to be disbursed by the Charity and Benevolence Committee. The Lodges voted to grant the sum.

This was only the beginning of the charity drive. The lodges began to gather for the Lebanon disaster relief and the Charity and Benevolence Committee received more than €17.000,-  in a very short time from the ACGL Lodges. The Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany contributed approximately €9.000,- .  Contributions of around €2.900,- came from private individuals along with €8.000,- from German lodges. The "Freimaurerisches Hilfswerk" chipped in with €20.000,- and the Charity and Benevolence Committee reached a total of €57.000,-  for the Lebanon Blast Relief.

MW Brother Paul M. Curran, Chairman of the Charity and Benevolence Committee reported on the progress of the distribution of relief to the victims of the blast at the semi-annual communication on November 2020.
The first disbursement was to help a family do much needed repairs to their house that was severely damaged during the blast; the family only makes $ 60,- a month, so they could not afford to make the repairs to their house on their own.
The second disbursement we are working on is a little girl, four years old, who had one of her eyes damaged during the horrific blast. Because of the damage to her eye she will need to have cornea eye transplants every six months. Some money collected will be used to assist in paying for one or two of the transplants.

MW Brother Paul also added an appeal in his last update on charity to support children who might not otherwise receive the care they need.
It is for that reason that he asks if you can find it in your heart to go to the link https://gf.me/u/y8ja8s, and donate to this needy child’s family.