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The Association of Women's Shelters (Frauenhaus e.V.) is a non-profit organization working under the auspices of the major German welfare organizations and sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women, and Youth. The Frauenhaus e.V. devotes itself to reducing violence against women and children, by establishing effective support for abused women and children. Each year approximately 40,000 women and at least the same number of children turn to them for protection. Apart from temporary safe accommodations, the service of women's shelters comprises counseling and support with regard to psycho-social, legal and financial problems. This includes assistance in dealing with the authorities, long term living quarters, job securing subsistence and continued offering of support on their way to an independent and self-determined life -- without violence.

Frauenhaus Barrett

Our Grand Master MW Bother James Barrett presented a check for € 2000, - to the Frauenhaus Region Main-Rhön on behalf of the ACGL.

The Manageress of the Frauenhaus, Frau Gertrud Schatzlein recieved the check on behalf of the charity.

The Frauenhaus is a nonprofit organization that assists spouses and children who are assaulted or sexually abused.

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